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Hello, friend...

I'm Annalea Sommerville; owner, maker and designer of  MiGi handmade and I'm so glad you're here! Whether it comes from playing with a new recipe, casting on a row of stitches, distressing a piece of furniture or editing pictures, each of my days contains a bit of creativity. Sometimes this happens when I'm in my pajamas, mostly it happens without makeup; and always amongst play dates, snacks, groceries and legos.

I can't actually tell you how it started... maybe it was when my 6-year-old hands greased and floured cake pans for my mom's cake decorating business. Maybe it took root from baking endless batches of cookies after school using the recipes from my very first cook book (which I still have, by the way). Perhaps it was learning to knit during my first long winter living in Chicago.

I can tell you this, though... the joy I take in being creative has grown and transformed into a constant simmer that I continue to feed every day and which makes it's way into everything I do. It's my deep pleasure to share that joy with you...