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Date Day Cabled Headband...

Annalea MagañaComment

i'm all about instant gratification; "quick and dirty" is a term i've often used. i know this is something that i should work on and that my emotional stability would benefit from a good dose of patience, though i haven't quite figured out what that would look like. this is probably why, as a knitter, i prefer making accessories or things for little babies. and if it's a one skein project i feel like i've hit the jackpot!

case in point with this lovely little number, designed by nancy ricci. the pattern calls for chunky yarn, there are directions for a wide (shown) or thin headband and (bonus!) gauge isn't important which i LOVE because i NEVER check my gauge. sacrilege, i know...

i used a skein of malabrigo mecha from my stash in color 33 cereza which is a gorgeous deep and vibrant red with blue undertones.

the pattern is an 8 row repeat with cabling in rows 3 and 7. don't be intimidated if you're new to cables or have never done them. wool and the gang has a great video tutorial if you're feeling nervous.

once you reach the length you want, just bind off and join the edges with a mattress stitch (or your preferred method of joining) and you're good to go! this would make a great quick gift, just be sure to make one for yourself, too. it was perfect to wear on a chilly date day with my man. function AND style!

are you a knitter who's into long-haul projects or do you like them quick and dirty, like me? what's your favorite "go-to" knitted gift?