MiGi handmade

Basket Shmasket! This Year, It's Bags!!!


i've been making easter baskets for my kids for, gosh...going on 15 years now. they're fun, and i enjoy putting them together but as i found myself perusing the aisle at the $.99 store (4 kids and all...) i decided to forgo the baskets - which i always tell myself that i'm going to donate or reuse but then i never do - and opted for paper lunch bags instead.

i decided to "easter" them up by cutting a little bunny from some cute paper that i had on hand which was left over from valentine's day.

after that, it was just a matter of filling them up and attaching the bunnies. easy peasy!

i love how they turned out and i don't feel guilty about throwing out empty baskets with bits of grass still clinging to the bottom. and get this...four bunny peeps fit perfectly into a little snack sized zip-loc baggie. just in case you were wondering (wink!).