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Glass Glitter Cupcake Toppers...

Michael and Annalea8 Comments

when i was about 6-years-old, my mom started taking cake decorating classes at a little store called Angel's. i remember going with her and staring wide-eyed at all the decorations stored in clear plastic boxes: ballerinas, clown heads, cowboys, sugar hearts, brides and grooms...it was kind of like being in a toy store and the whole place smelled like frosting! Angel's is still there, still owned by the same two sisters and still has a revolving white rabbit in the front window whose dress changes with the seasons. it's kind of hokey, but i love the familiarity of it and the memories it brings and, 35+ years later, i still find myself going there for boards or their raspberry filling (so good) or a special tip i might need.

for quite a while, what started out as a hobby for my mom turned into a nice little side business and she started making cakes professionally. of course, this was pre-cake boss and cupcake wars and ace of cakes.  fondant, sugar sculptures, and edible gold dust were things of the future and, that said, it's been interesting to see not only the way cakes have evolved over the years but also what's replaced traditional wedding, birthday or shower cakes. now there are candy tables, pies, ice cream bars and cupcakes. cool, right?

plus, the embellishing of said substitutes is half the fun and cupcake toppers have really taken off on this trend. that said, i thought it would be fun to make some glitzy toppers using my trusty old dictionary and some chunky german glass glitter. i'm in absolute love with this stuff, especially the coarser grit; reminds me of raw sugar.

what's neat about the glitter is that if you get the kind that is made from silvered glass, it will age to a gorgeous patina (which you can see in the front heart in the above picture) over time which just adds to the charm. and don't feel limited to only using these beauties on cupcakes. put them on mini cheesecakes, into individual pies, bowls of ice cream or fresh berries. use them as photo props. heck, you can even put them into your fabulously messy top knot for some random prettiness!