MiGi handmade


Michael and Annalea22 Comments

So I'm kinda lovin' the versatility of quilting and embroidery hoops. They can be used to hold your favorite fabric for some effortless and inexpensive wall art, as frames for family pictures.....even as little bulletin boards.

Lately, I've used the bigger quilting hoops as frames to showcase old tarnished silverware like this and I absolutely love how they turn out but today I wanted to make something to hang on the front door that wasn't necessarily seasonal and so could be used throughout the year. Plus, I had a hoop that I'd already distressed just waiting for me to put something in it.

I got out my stamps and paint and made a few rolled fabric flowers from scraps of linen, dupioni silk and canvas drop cloth and I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out!

Really simple materials that completely work together and I love the richness of the silk mixed with the rustic look and feel of the burlap. Could be flush against a wall or door or hung from a ribbon and I think it would make a terrific housewarming gift!