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Vintage Kitchen Art

Michael and Annalea29 Comments

Sometimes a creative idea will start to swirl around in my head. Just a little niggle at first; something quick and fleeting that gets tucked away in my mental 'to do' list. Then I'll play around with something new and think, "hey, I could try this when I make....". Or I'll see something fun and vintagey when I'm out window shopping and think, "oooo...that could look really great if it was laid on top of...., or wrapped up in...."

You know how it is.

So...taking inspiration from some of my favorite things to create with ~ embroidery hoops and burlap and tarnished silverware and old knobs and distressed painting ~ this little beauty has finally come to fruition.

I'm totally in love with it. Looks great in the kitchen or in a grouping on the wall of a living room or down a hallway. I thought about adding some text somewhere on it but then decided I liked the untouched simplicity of the silverware all by itself; it's subtle luster more than enough to draw the eye.

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