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Chocolate Cinnamon Icey Yum!

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I have some really good 'foodie' friends who I love to sit and gab and eat and cook with and I had a chance to visit with one of them for a bit over the weekend. As soon as I sat down at her table she plopped a Food Network magazine in front of me that I immediately started skimming through. Perfect for Valentine's Day, it was the chocolate issue filled with various and sundry recipes containing ~ of course ~ chocolate; an exciting mix of sweet and savory (soooo want to try making mole some day) to choose from and all relatively easy.

Towards the back there was a quick little receipt for chocolate ice cubes which sounded yummy and I thought I'd give them a try. Can I just tell you? They're soooooooooo good! Not just for a backwards chocolate milk either. They'd be perfect in an iced coffee, smashed up and topped with slightly sweet whipped cream or just eaten alone like a little mini fudgesicle. Flavor them with orange, almond, raspberry, mint or....rose water. Hello!

Here's my version of the recipe found in the magazine:

1 cup milk
1/4 cup water
1 tbsp (heaping) cocoa powder
3 tbsp cinnamon sugar
1 vanilla bean, split
3/4 cup semi-sweet mini chocolate chips

Heat first five ingredients and whisk until there are no lumps

Turn off heat and remove vanilla bean. Add chocolate chips, stirring until completely melted. You'll have approximately 2 cups of liquid.

Pour into ice cube tray and gently tap out any bubbles.

Don't throw out the extra chocolate you may have left over! Add it to your morning coffee ~ yum!

Once the cubes are frozen, put them into a pretty glass and add milk.

Don't be shy now. Drink it down and savor each swallow!

If you don't do dairy, I'm sure that coconut milk, fresh nut milk or soy milk would sub out just fine (especially the coconut...smacking lips over here). Also, try changing the water for rose flower or orange blossom water or a strongly brewed chai tea. Or throw them in a martini glass with a splash of good vodka! See what I mean? Perfect for Valentine's Day. Get crazy and let me know what you try...

I'm excited to tell my friend about how these turned out. In addition to sending me home with a little bag of chocolate chips for this recipe, I also left with a paper sack of meyer lemons from her miniature tree and a half dozen freshly laid eggs courtesy of Gru, Miranda and Gertrude. Thank you ladies!

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