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Hang In There Beautiful!

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I know I'm not the only crafter out there who's heard about the wonders of chalk paint though I might be one of them who's a bit behind in trying it. I first read about it over at Miss Mustard Seed while drooling over her gorgeous creations and now I'm seeing blog posts pop up about making your own. Crazy. Anyway, I have a neighbor who has some great distressed pieces of furniture and I had told her about the paint a while back and don't you know that a couple of weeks ago I was at her house and she'd redone a gorgeous cabinet with it going from black to a French blue and it looked terrific!

She used the Annie Sloan brand of paint which seems to be fairly popular and I found a store that carries it just up the street from me ~ woo hoo! So I hooked myself up with a sample pot of a color called Provence and a tin of the dark wax (thought I bought the clear...oh well).

And what do I choose as my first piece to distress? The very humble though ever resourceful....clothes hanger. Silly, I know, but I was totally inspired by this photo from Pinterest which originated from a blog called Finally White.

I love the sturdiness of wooden hangers and it's mostly what I use for the clothes in our closet and I happened to have some extras to play around with. The first three I made were done with acrylic paint; an ivory base topped with lilac, and it was a pretty straight forward process.

I lightly sanded the hanger first then put on two coats of ivory paint, let it dry, then two coats of lilac paint

Used a sanding block for this and there's no right or wrong way to the distressing. I just wanted to be sure to see some of the ivory and some of the wood.

I used individual clear stamps that get put onto a clear acrylic block and I had to be sure to put them on backwards since I flipped it over to stamp the word. Then I let the ink dry before I rubbed in a light coat of the dark wax so that the letters wouldn't bleed.

I'm soooo happy with the finished product! And I love the idea of finding a fun little word on my hanger when I'm getting ready for the day. Frou Frou indeed!

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