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Sugar High!

Annalea10 Comments

Yesterday, one of my best friends and I attended an event we'd been anticipating since the day we signed up for it (about 6 months ago!) ~ Blog Sugar! Dreamed up by Rachel Reeves and still in it's first blush, Blog Sugar was a night of getting together with other bloggers to meet, talk shop, tell their story, learn from one another and generally just enjoy the company and I loved how everyone just seemed to connect. I guess that happens when you have something in common with the person you're talking to but all of the women we met were just really giving of themselves and down-to-earth.

Wonderful guest speakers shared about how they started out and what "a day in the life" of their blogs and/or business look like. I got to learn from Maggie, Sarah and Lindsey and came away with golden nuggets from each of them. And our table? Oh my gosh! Talent Talent Talent! And openness, warmth, encouragement....well, not from the table of course; from the amazing women who shared it with me: Sharone, Nish, Elizabeth, Chelsea, Lauren, Angela, Sarah and Lisa. Check out their blogs. You'll end up wanting to spend all day with these gals. Serious!

So...my thoughts are still sparkling from everything I learned yesterday. I feel renewed and energized as a blogger, a woman, a friend. My hat goes off to everyone who gave of themselves to make this event happen and I can hardly wait until next year!