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Lavender Vanilla Soda

Michael and Annalea10 Comments

As much as I love love love to get crafty, I'm a foodie from the top of my head to the tips of my painted little toes, and when I stumble on something new, clever, delicious....I get practically giddy with excitement. Such was the case yesterday when I had my first sip of lavender soda.

In a word, it was...enchanting; not too sweet with just a hint of dusty herbaceousness on the tongue; delicate nasturtium petals floating around amongst the bubbles. I was instantly taken and new I wanted to try recreating it at home.

I figured it was just a matter of a flavored simple syrup which I made using filtered water, organic sugar and food-grade lavender bruised a bit with the back of knife to release the oils.

I changed it up and added a couple of vanilla beans when making the syrup and then strained it all through a fine mesh sieve and set it aside to cool to room temp.

Once it was ready, I put a couple of tablespoons in glass with lots of ice, and finished it off with a generous splash of San Pellegrino and the tops of a few fresh lavender flowers.

Can you imagine serving glasses of this at a bridal or baby shower? Or just hanging out with the girls having snacks and chatting it up? I love that I know what's in it and I can control the sweetness. Plus...my boys really like it and think it's fun to drink out of fancy glasses.

The perfect summer elixir to make and give!

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