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Eggcellent Message

Michael and Annalea4 Comments

I can't remember the last time that I colored Easter eggs but I found myself completely inspired by this post over at Poppy Talk and thought I'd give it a try plus, this is something I try to do each Christmas ~ to give my kids something that I've made for them ~ so I plunged right in.

First, a little things about blowing out the innards of an egg: push pins work great for making the holes (a little something more to hold onto than a plain needle) and the yolks come out more easily when the eggs are room temp and you've loosened up the yolk (I used a small cable hook for this process).

Once I blew them out and then rinsed them, I dried them out in a 300 degree oven for 10 minutes, got out some long bamboo skewers and stood them in my fruit bowl which became a great place to set them once I'd painted them. A good drying spot.

Then I just got a little creative and followed the directions at Poppy Talk. I switched from graph paper to tissue paper cause it was what I had on hand plus it's easy to roll and bendable.

Super cute though, right? The kids will like them - especially the cracking open part so don't get too attached to your artwork. Happy Easter! He Is Risen!!!