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Baby! Baby! Baby!

Michael and Annalea11 Comments

When I first learned how to quilt ~ gosh, about 18 years ago now ~ I pretty much kept my projects to quilts for babies for the mere fact that they don't take too long to make. Of course, that only works if the quilt you start on doesn't end up as a w.i.p. that you don't get around to finishing for 3 years. yeah, i've done that.

This quilt, though, I finished in less than a week which is still a surprise to me because it's not my usual m.o. (see above). I wanted to make something special to give as a gift for the mom-to-be and got inspired by this little quilt over at The Purl Bee.

Isn't it so cute? And relatively easy too (directions are on the site) but a little more time consuming than I wanted. I played around with the design in my mind and changed things up a bit. I wanted to use material that I already had and liked the idea and ease of a "rag" quilt. I decided on ovals instead of circles for the mere fact that I had four sizes of them from my creative memories stuff; necessity being the mother of invention and all.

Once I cut the ovals and laid them out on the muslin, it was pretty quick to put it all together, even the quilting, which I do by hand, didn't take too long.

I'm really happy with it and can hardly wait to see it laying over a new little baby. Plus, I kinda forgot how nice it is to just sit quietly and sew; very relaxing in a little house on the prairie-ish sort of way. Reminded me of a friend who always says that it's fun do a little hand work once in a while.

She's right.