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Upscaled Ornaments

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I don't know about you but I find myself extremely short on funds this holiday season and when it came to decorating my tree, I had to work with what I had but I didn't want to use the same ornaments I've been using for the last 6+ years. What's a girl to do?

Repurpose of course!!! I had some of those glass balls hanging around that I think most of us have; you know, stragglers that have never matched your theme but you just didn't feel right about throwing out. Since I was going with a sort of shabby-mercury glass-silver theme, I decided to play with what embellishments I had on hand.

My biggest and best has been an old out-dated dictionary. I've used it for several projects lately (posts on those upcoming) and am loving it!

I tore out several pages and then tore them into pieces, got out my trusty jar of Mod Podge (gloss luster) and got to work.

Be prepared to get glue everywhere not to mention carpal tunnel in your thumb! I didn't decoupage the ornaments all the way to the top because I new that I wanted to put silver glitter there. After I got all the pieces I on the bulb, I smoothed it out all over and then sprinkled it with clear glitter. Then I inverted them onto the handles of several wooden spoons (hey - I did say that I used what I had on hand) and set them to dry completely.

Once they were dry to the touch, I painted some more Mod Podge on the top and sprinkled them with silver glitter. I put the little pronged holders back on and put them back in their boxes to dry. Love them!

They turned out to be just what I wanted and they look so pretty on our tree! Made these and gave them to myself! It is Christmas, after all....

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