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Grahamy Love

Michael and Annalea7 Comments

I was at TJ's yesterday looking at the cookies I'd put in my basket for the boys' lunches and thought I'd just make some instead so I put them back and started thinking about graham crackers. Mmmmm....we all love them and since I've been in a cooking and crafting phase and because I've never made them before I was instantly on a mission.

So I went to Whole Foods to look for graham flour (which they had, Bob's Red Mill) because, hello...graham crackers right? Then I came home and started looking for recipes and guess what? Only one of them even used graham flour which I thought was odd but who am I to judge?

So, that's the one I went with and you can find it here. I just made a couple of tweeks because that's what I do and they worked because they're practically gone already so....

I used 5 tablespoons of honey (raw orange blossom)
seeds from two vanilla beans instead of extract
all dark brown sugar (packed)
vanilla sugar to sprinkle on the tops
and ~ a heart-shaped cookie cutter for loviness

Make these and give them to your family because you love them. Make s'mores from them or ice cream sandwhiches, or dip half of them in chocolate or eat them with some sharp white cheddar (don't knock this....sweet and savory is a divine combination) or stack them up and put them in a clear treat bag tied with kitchen twine for a new neighbor or a favorite teacher.

These are for me...